What temperature range can I use SGE ProteCol columns?

SGE recommends a temperature limit of 60 °C.


What pH range can I use SGE ProteCol columns?

SGE recommends a pH range of 1.0 – 8.0 for the GP and HQ phases and pH 1.0 – 9.5 for the HPH phase.


Can I use Stainless Steel nuts and ferrules with SGE ProteCol columns and guard columns?

Yes, as long as you make the original connection into the SGE column. We do not recommend using pre-swaged fittings and tubing as the geometries of various column vendors vary.


What is the maximum recommended back pressure for the SGE ProteCol columns?

6000 psi or 400 bar


Will I get identical results using an SGE "alternative" column?

The selectivity, and therefore the retention times, of any two different column brands will always be slightly different, even if they are the same phase (e.g. (C18)).

Any new column will be slightly different, but by optimizing the mobile phase, a separation can be obtained which is very similar to the previous column.

For example, when switching columns, increasing (or decreasing) the proportion of the organic component (usually acetonitrile or methanol) by 5 - 10% will give a very similar separation to the previous column.


How long do SGE columns last?

As a rough guide, HPLC columns will last from 3 to 12 months depending on how they are used. HPLC column longevity is significantly improved when guard cartridges are used and columns that are only used for clean samples with unbuffered, or weakly buffered mobile phases can last for a very long time.

If dirty samples are routinely injected onto a column without a guard cartridge, the column may only be useful for two weeks. Similarly, if a column is used under extreme conditions (e.g. using a buffer with a pH outside the recommended range), then the column would also only last a few weeks.

Although every HPLC column is used differently and it is usage that dictates column lifetime, SGE columns will last as long or longer than comparable competitors' columns under the same conditions.